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BY: Michael

El Toro Magnafique!

Lamborghini’s popular Gallardo goes on an all carb diet.

Faster than a speeding bullet, something of our dreams, and the closest you’ll ever get to the Bat mobile. Lamborghini’s Gallardo Superleggera Limited Edition. Only 350 of these Mona Lisa’s will be built over the next few years making this a car limited to the likes of Bruce Wane alone. The Superleggera is being considered a genuine rival of Ferrari’s hardcore Challenge Stradale models, the next of which, the F430, arrives early next year. Think of this as a Lamborghini on Trim-spa with a power to weight ratio of 2.5kg/bhp or 400bhp-per-tonne, Lamborghini calculated that the 1430kg Gallardo would have to diet to the tune of 100kg. So some parts of the car that were steel are now aluminum; others that were aluminum are now magnesium, and normally optional carbon equipment now comes standard. The engine cover, rear wing, sill extensions door mirrors, and once ceramic breaks, are all made from the stuff. The carbon makeover drops 0-60 speed from 4.0sec to 3.8sec (the bigger Murcielago LP640 does it in 3.4sec), but the top speed remains the same, at 197mph. superleggera_3_560px.jpg While the Superleggera might not seem as hardcore as the old Ferrari 360 CS or different enough from the standard car to satisfy the most speed-crazed customers, Lamborghini promises it feels radically different on the road. But hey, we can’t complain. We figure It’s about as close to a DTM Gallardo as you can get without locking Tom Kristensen in a closet splurging on the real thing. Available in black, grey, orange or yellow. superleggera_2_560px.jpg

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