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BY: Ron

8C, You See

Digimods UK P-chops the Alfa-Romeo 8C for the races.

Computer nerd P-chop wizard Pete Smith over at digimods has pieced together what he thinks the Alfa-Romeo 8C might look in race-spec attire. The 8C isn't out yet, but we're in the age of the Internet, who has time to wait?! We dig the gaping mouth with lower lip spoiler and yeah, the rear widebody flares detract from the Alfa's feminine shape but...it works! The Hamann wheels we could swap out for a set of LM-Rs but we're not complaining. While most automotive P-chop work has quality akin to a Fiero-Ferrari kit car, the chop master at Digimods has nothing but great build quality. alfaromeo8c.jpg [hello digimods] SPECIAL BONUS! Check out DubModder to build custom VW from the saftey of your own home.
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    December 5, 2006 at 9:11 pm


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